When choosing an influencer marketing platform, you will see there are plenty of platforms available that offer differing features. Before you select one, let’s take a further look into a comparison between Aspire IQ and Heepsy.


Best alternatives to AspireIQ

With Heepsy, you can discover more than 7 million influencers with 5K followers or more, worldwide. This will help you find from micro-influencers to top influencers. If you know the handle, type it in the search bar and results will appear.

On the other hand, Aspire IQ has more than 500,000 influencers who are on the platform via an algorithm. It covers different social media platforms in case you are interested in a multi-channel influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer database

Find influencers by a specific category, geolocation or number of followers in Heepsy. Then check advanced filters to discover influencers with a specific social media channel or authenticity value. Use the audience filters to match your target users with the influencer.

Aspire IQ has a variety of filters to find the most suitable influencers. You can discover influencers by keywords, hashtags, topics, etc. Aspire IQ also offers the possibility to filter by post metrics such as the number of likes, follower counts and demographics. This platform also offers a quick match feature and track mentions of a specific brand.


On Heepsy’s platform, you can check metrics related to the influencer’s performance for any given profile. From follower growth to engagement rate, find how their metrics compare to the average. Furthermore, the Audience Quality Score (AQS) gives you an overall idea of if the influencer is a good choice for your business.

Lastly, check the authenticity and analyze their audience as well as the estimate cost for a promotional post or video.

On the other hand, with Aspire IQ you can check metrics of the activated campaign and the performance, but not so many from their metrics before the campaign. Track ROI and check the content they are sharing with the engagement generated. This platform also offers sales trackable links.


Create, edit and download influencer lists with Heepsy so you can have the influencer discovery organized by campaigns or types of influencers. Update the status of the influencer in each list so you can keep track of the stage of the campaign.

Since Aspire IQ is more a campaign management tool, they offer download features for reports on the campaign. In terms of lists, you can create lists of people that mention your brand, business, or competitors.

Download features

For Heepsy you will find a free plan to get access to all filters with limited searches and 1 free report. Then, there are affordable paid monthly plans, starting at $49 that include different filters and features. You can cancel anytime, as there is no minimum sign-up period.

Prorations are available for upgrades to higher plans and discounts for a year, along with 6-month plans. Request a demo or talk with Customer service anytime in case you have any questions or concerns.

Aspire IQ offers three levels of pricing and is customized, so you need to talk with sales. Furthermore, you need to commit to a year plan instead of cancelling anytime like with Heepsy. Depending on the plan, you can have one or more active campaigns.


Both platforms offer important features that will make your campaign management process much easier. However, Aspire IQ doesn’t offer that many metrics to decide if an influencer is a good fit for your brand. Furthermore, keep in mind that pricing for each platform is very different and one requires 1-year commitment while Heepsy doesn’t. Both platforms offer demos in case you need to take a deeper look at the platform.

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