When choosing an influencer marketing platform, you will see there are plenty of platforms available that offer differing features. Before you select one, let’s take a further look into a comparison between Izea and Heepsy.


Izea best alternatives

Heepsy offers more than 7 million influencers with 5K followers or more. IZEA has over 3 million influencers, some of whom are opt-in, while the rest are on the platform due to algorithms they have developed. By having influencers who start at 5K followers, you can make sure there are plenty of results, from micro-influencers to top influencers.

Influencer database

Heepsy has more than 20 categories, so you can find influencers who are related to a specific field. You also can find influencers by location. In Izea, you can find influencers by location or connections, but there are fewer filters in general. For an advanced search, find influencers according to their audience with Heepsy.


With Heepsy, you will find metrics related to the influencer’s performance for any given profile. From follower growth to engagement rate, find how their metrics compare to the average. Check the authenticity and analyze their audience.

In IZEA, you will see the categories they belong to, location, engagement, sponsored posts percentage and the percentage of fake followers.


By using Heepsy, you get the most out of your influencer discovery by organizing your searches into lists with influencers. Add notes, rate influencers, and download them onto your computer. Update the status of the influencer in each list so you can keep track of the stage of the campaign. Also, with IZEA you can save influencers with whom you want to collaborate into lists and download them. Reaching out to influencers is not provided in the search tool; you need to purchase their management services.

Download features

Free plan to get access to all filters with limited searches and 1 free report. Affordable paid monthly plans starting at $49 that include different filters and features. You can cancel anytime, there is no minimum sign-up period. Prorations are available for upgrades to higher plans and discounts for a year and 6-month plans.

Izea Discovery search tool starts at $149 a month and the minimum sign up period is unclear. They have a content management solution that is available at custom pricing.


Bottom line

Overall, Izea looks like a good platform. However the features and filters it offers seem limited for the price that it costs. Furthermore, their database has only 4 million influencers and the minimum number of followers the influencers have is not specified, so it might be difficult to find micro-influencers for your campaign.

On the other hand, Heepsy offers more than 7 million influencers worldwide that start at 5K followers, more than enough for any type of campaign. Also, our plans start at a lower price than Izea and you can cancel anytime.

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