Do you have an influencer campaign idea on mind but you don’t know how to reach out to influencers? Heepsy is the answer to all your worries. We have more than 11 million influencers on our platform to help you select the right influencer for your business.

Influencer Outreach like a Ninja

Finding influencers has never been so easy. Apply advanced filters to discover influencers in a certain location, in a certain category, by the number of followers, or by many more filters. If there is a need in your company to align your target audience with that of the influencer, try our audience filters.

The audience filters will let you find influencers by a certain location, language, age, gender, and interest. With this information, you can make sure people who follow your ideal influencer have the same interests as that of your brand.

Once you discover influencers, you can look up their profile on Heepsy where you will find a set of their latest posts and metrics. With their performance metrics, you will know if the influencer has healthy values and if they are authentic. Also, you will find the audience statistics of the influencer to reassure that they match your future campaign’s objectives, as well as brand mentions to check if they have worked with a competitor or if they mention similar products.

Once you find the influencers you need, organize your search with Heepsy’s lists. You can create, add, and delete lists as you go. Make notes for each influencer on the list and add the status of the campaign. Depending on the plan in Heepsy, you can have multiple users logged in; this way you can share your research with your coworkers.

Now is time to download the lists and reach out. When sharing your proposal with the influencers, you need to consider some ideas:

Outreach influencers like a pro

  • Influencers might be busy and not answer you right away. They could be in a different time zone or traveling. Be patient.
  • Always be informative about the campaign and explain what it will be about. Be open to receive and answer questions from your influencers.
  • Expect fees from some influencers. Depending on the popularity they have on social media, some influencers charge a fee for the collaboration. You need to remember that sometimes, it’s their only job and way of living for them. Be respectful and commit to an agreement so that both parties are winning.
  • Don’t impose your aesthetics on their way of creating content. Each influencer has own style of posts, so try to find influencers who match your style. Share your ideas but leave freedom to influencers so they can create their own content.

Keep these tips in mind when working with influencers and maintain very clear communication with them. Find and reach out to the right influencers with Heepsy.

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