As you are choosing an influencer marketing platform, you will discover plenty of platforms available that offer differing features. Let’s take a further look into a comparison between Upfluence and Heepsy.


Best alternatives to Upfluence

Heepsy offers more than 7 million influencers, worldwide, with 5K followers or more. This database covers 90% of the influencers within this range. On the other hand, Upfluence only offers 3 million influencers with 1K followers or more. By having influencers that start at 1K might be a sign of low quality of the number of influencers whom you can find suitable for your business. In the case of Heepsy, the influencers need to have 5K or more, meaning there are more chances of finding a good influencer who usually does promotions.

Influencer database

Use Heepsy to find influencers by location (a specific country, state, county/city) category, the number of followers, engagement and other advanced metrics for niche results. Discover influencers according to their audience. Match your audience with that of the influencer, so you make sure the product is targeted to the right people.

In Upfluence, you can use a keyword search to find influencers in a specific channel, engagement rate or geolocation. This platform also offers audience information about influencers. Check their latest posts and review historical data of engagement and posting habits.



Advanced metrics


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For Heepsy, you will see metrics related to the influencer’s performance for any influencer profile. Check follower growth or engagement rate, find how their metrics compare to others. Audience Quality Score is an overall metric of the influencer that will let you know if they are a good choice for your business.

Check the authenticity and analyze their audience. Discover their estimate cost for a promotional post or video and see the brands they mention.

For Upfluence, you can analyze performance metrics and clicks on their posts as well as earned media value and impressions. Track a specific brand to create social listening to be aware of what is happening on social media.


Organize your searches into lists so you can save time. Include notes, rate influencers, and download the lists onto your computer. Update the status of the influencer on each list to keep track of the stage of the campaign.

As well as Heepsy, Upfluence offers the possibility of organizing your search in lists. Send emails inside the platform to influencers or schedule them at another time. If you are running different campaigns, you can check overall performance on the platform.

Download features

Heepsy offers affordable paid monthly plans starting at $49 that include different filters and features. Cancel anytime, there is no minimum sign up period. Also, prorations are available when you upgrade your plan.

In Upfluence, they don’t offer monthly plans like Heepsy or other platforms. You need to sign up for a year and there is no Free plan that lets you test the features of the platform, but Heepsy does. If you have a smaller budget or you are running a one-time campaign, this might not be the best platform for you. You can talk with their experienced customer service in case you have any questions, but you need to have a Facebook account.


Bottom line

As complete as Upfluence looks, it still has fewer influencers and is on the high-end of pricing. The platform only offers one-year plans, so be aware that if you don’t like the platform or the way it is performing, it might be very difficult to try a different one. On the other hand, Heepsy offers 7 million influencers with more filters and metrics than Upfluence does. There is no minimum sign up period and you can cancel anytime.

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