Amazon influencer marketing:
How it works and how you can succeed

Amazon changed the way we shop online. Now, before we go out to a store, we can check if Amazon has a product and receive it at the doorstep of our house in 2 days. That made this company one of the most successful online marketplaces in the world, with a revenue of $70 billion by the end of 2019.


It is well known that Amazon has been collaborating with influencers to showcase different products, channels, and holiday discounts. It started in 1996 with an affiliate program, and now they have become a successful option for Amazon influencers to recommend products.

Amazon has their own page for influencers to sign up. This program is meant to be for people with a good audience on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. This is because internally, there is an approval process from the Amazon team to check if their channels have good engagement and interesting content, amongst other metrics. If you don’t qualify for the program, you always can try again in the future.

Once you get approved, you need to have an Amazon page so you can recommend products. Create different lists, depending on your interests or stages of your life. As you add more products, Amazon will suggest similar products to add to the lists. Make sure you add pictures, descriptions, and social media channels to your page.

When a user goes to an influencer’s page and buys a product, the influencer will earn a commission. In order for the influencer to make their channel popular, they promote it on their Instagram, Youtube or Twitter channels. Some examples that you can find on Youtube are influencers rating different Amazon products or talking about the different sales they have created. On Instagram, you can find influencers sharing a product in their stories, with a link that will take you directly to Amazon.

How does Amazon influencer marketing program work

When an influencer opens an Amazon channel, they receive a unique code to track the sales of when the user uses the link to buy a product. The influencer can also check how many sales, payments, and commissions they are earning on their own Amazon channel. Depending on the type of product the influencer promotes, they get a different commission. It is not the same commission for a video game as for a baby care product.

Metrics are up to date, so you get the most value out of the curated report.

Influencers can get paid by direct deposit, gift cards, or a check. There is a minimum of $10 that you need to earn before having access to earnings.

How Amazon can track sales of influencers

If you are a brand, you might want an influencer to recommend your products. You can go ahead and look for Amazon influencers on social media, but it will take you hours. An easier way to do this is by using an influencer marketing search and analytics platform which will help you select the right influencer for your collaboration. With Heepsy, you can find Amazon influencers by using different keywords, then check their performance analytics, and finally reaching out to them.

The Amazon influencer marketing program has been very successful for both influencers and brands. Amazon offers help to influencers to set up their channel and influencers can get around a 10% commission for each sale.

Before opening an Amazon profile, influencers might have been suggesting to their followers to buy different products, but thanks to this program they are able to earn a commission and have all the product recommendations in one place. For brands, this is a great way to get exposure and traffic to their Amazon profiles, which leads to an increase in sales.

How to find Amazon influencers

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