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Have you ever thought about an influencer marketing campaign, but you are not sure where to start? Our platform not only offers you the possibility to search through over 7 million influencers worldwide but also the ability to use curated filters that have been developed to save time. Auditing influencers has never been so easy.


If you have tried to discover influencers on Instagram, you probably spent quite a bit of time inserting keywords and scrolling through results. In Heepsy, you can apply filters to narrow down the search until you find the influencers you need.

Apply the location filter to discover influencers who share pictures in a certain country, state, or city. Check over the 20 categories to find influencers related to Fashion, Beauty, Travel, etc. You can look up influencers who have a certain amount of followers, level of engagement, social media channel, etc.

Audience information can be very useful when planning an influencer marketing campaign, because you can find influencers whose audience matches yours, to make sure you share the same target customers.

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Once you apply those filters, it is time to audit influencer’s hype. Each influencer’s report has a set of advanced metrics that are related to the performance, audience and industry insights of the influencer. Some of the metrics that you should check out are:

Audit your influencer Hype with advanced filters

  • Follower growth: Find out if the influencer has been getting their followers organically or by some giveaway or through buying fake followers.
  • Engagement rate: To make sure their audience is interested with the content they make. Make sure their engagement rate is above or the same as the average.
  • Comments/likes ratio: Since some influencers buy fake likes to bump up their statistics, you can use this ratio to see if that is the case. A low ratio might mean that the influencer has bought fake followers.

Now, you can develop an audit on the influencer’s audience to check that their metrics can be a good fit for your campaign. The audience metrics that you should analyze are:

Audience metrics to evaluate your collaborations

  • Audience location: To confirm their audience is from the same place as your target
  • Audience language: Find out how many languages their audience speaks
  • Audience age: Learn the most common age range their audience is right now.
  • Audience interests: What type of content or accounts their audience follows? This is very important to see if they like the types of products or services that you have.
  • Audience gender: In case you are targeting a specific gender, this could be a useful metric.

With all this information, you have more than enough to audit an influencer’s hype. Now you are ready to save the best candidates into lists, download them, and reach out. Share your proposal with the influencer and be patient if they don’t answer back right away.

Sometimes, influencers might be working on different projects or in another time zone. Be informative in your campaign proposal and answer any questions they might have.

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