Case study: Goiko Grill and the use of influencer marketing

Goiko Grill Influencer marketing strategy

If we say Teques, Frozen Goiko, or Kevin Bacon, surely more than one perfectly knows perfectly what we are talking about. These are the famous Goiko Grill hamburgers. From the dream of a Venezuelan resident doctor to cook the best and most perfect hamburgers in the world, this restaurant chain was born. And with it, one of the best marketing strategies seen so far. Today we will explain the influencer marketing case study.

The lack of contacts in Madrid was the reason why Andoni Goicoechea and his family opted for social networks; Facebook first, then Twitter and Instagram. As they say, this strategy is “word of mouth” 2.0.

Use of influencer marketing Goiko Grill

The work in marketing developed by Daniela Goicoechea, sister of Andoni, who hardly had any previous knowledge in that area, was composed by a marketing department of six people working with a minimum budget, counting on, above all, the creative, attractive, and innovative content.

Its consistency in updating each and every one of its social networks, a close and fun language, and two-way communication are largely the factors of its online success. In addition, influencer marketing has had a great impact on its advertising strategy. 

They focus on foodie influencers as a way to attract people to their restaurants

The personalization and their direct contact with influencers have always been the basis of their approach. Know who is who, what they eat, what they like, and where they eat. At first, they focused on foodie Instagrammers, inviting them to live the Goiko Grill experience. They were the ones who, later, organically, made reviews through their profiles in networks. Influencers such as Beauty, Lifestyle, and even Fitness began to get interested.

Use of influencer marketing Goiko Grill Instagram

From the beginning, the marketing of influencers they have used has been organic and still is. None of the influencers get paid to publish or attend the restaurant, which makes the content much more truthful and the main objective to attract and retain customers achieved by far.

In 2018 they already managed to place Goiko Grill inside the top 10 brands of retail in Spain, the most important in the world of social media. Their Instagram profile, with more than outstanding engagement and a percentage of followers that hasn’t stopped increasing since 2017.

In the chart below made from Heepsy, since June 2017 their follower base has been growing a lot. In June 2017, they had 50K followers and two years later they had 400K. This growth is organic because you don’t see spikes, meaning their followers are real.

Use of influencer marketing Goiko Grill follower growth

Their Instagram account is for their followers, and about 90% of their posts are photos of their products.

Their actions on Instagram work so well: hamburger raffles, invitations to openings or even the Goiko Games. Additionally, everything they do during those two days is broadcast on Instagram so that their followers can see it. This action gives Goiko a very good image among its followers. They show how they also care about their employees. This is what it makes this brand a successful influencer marketing case study.

Bego works in the Agency team at Heepsy. She spends most of her time managing campaigns between brands and influencers. When she's not at the office, you can find her running or enjoying nature with friends.

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