Kietoparao and their crowdfunding campaign with influencer marketing

Today we are going to talk about the Kietoparao brand. How the idea appeared, and how the support initiative appeared in the market. All of this was due to very creative and innovative mothers. They worked to make the brand known among many families nationally and internationally. All with the help of crowdfunding and influencer marketing.

As their founders mentioned, Kietoparao was born out of a need. They felt that in the current times, they could not afford to go out for a drink without having to fight with their children over the use of mobile phones. It is not possible to completely prevent children from using mobile devices, but these mothers would like them to at least do so responsibly. That is, that their devices do not lead them to stop playing or interacting with other children.


Kietoparao Instagram for their crowdfunding campaign with help of influencer marketing

Therefore, they analyzed the positive aspects of electronic devices and applied them to a game kit. To make it attractive for mobile phones, they created educational sets from recycled and plastic-free materials made up of more than 12 games that had various functionalities: for children between 3 and 10 years old and very light( about 200 grams).

Thus, they would run away from Wi-Fi and children could have fun anywhere, any time of the day.

Once the idea materialized, they began selling these same games among friends, and groups of mothers and fathers on WhatsApp. In less than 10 days they managed to sell all the kits they designed up to that point. It was then that they realized that the interest and need really existed among other families. However, they did not know how to reach more people beyond their friendships and word of mouth. Therefore, the Heepsy agency started helping them!

How influencer marketing helped their crowdfunding campaign 

To help their crowdfunding, they needed an influencer marketing campaign. We contacted a number of “mommy” category influencers. They identified themselves with Kietoparao’s values and were willing to communicate these with complete naturalness in their Instagram profiles. This social network, as you know, is a great help for brands when they want to gain visibility or reputation. Even so, it is very important to look for suitable profiles related to the brand. This way, the message to be transmitted is transparent and does not lose credibility among its followers.

Kietoparao kit in their crowdfunding campaign

For this reason, an influencer marketing campaign was launched in Spain, collaborating on the one hand with micro influencers of 5,000 to 10,000 followers and, on the other hand, others with a wider range of 10,000 to 40,000 followers.

The goal was to publish Instagram stories and/or posts. Also, offering a promotional code so that they would have a special gift for their followers. This helped them publicize the brand among their target audience. As a result, getting more than 50 stories and up to 8 posts among 8 influencers.

As a result of these publications, the official Kietoparao account managed to increase its followers.

Crowdfunding campaign

Another concept that was crowdfunding. This is a type of collective financing that can help complete a project through financial donations. This project is available on the Kickstarter platform, which brings together many small projects or creative sketches. Some of the most relevant conditions were that only 20 days were available to make the initiative visible on the platform. There was also a prohibition of paid advertising on social media. It was a big challenge because, for this initiative to succeed, it needed to reach $20,000 in a limited timeframe. We knew perfectly well that to reach this figure, the promotion should be very widespread. Therefore, we decided to focus on broader markets such as France and the United States.

Finally, we collaborated with 19 influencers on Instagram. They were willing to communicate and support this cause despite not receiving any kind of fee in return. Through a personalized link, they used in their stories. This way, their followers go to the Kickstarter platform to make a donation.


Is crowdfunding a good idea for your business? 

There were different amounts depending on the kit that was chosen so that at the same time. Each one contributed to what they considered most convenient. Maria, one of the creators of Kietoparao, is positive when recommending Kickstarter but provided some guidelines. “I would recommend it but as long as it is prepared. Kickstarter requires a huge previous job, during and after the campaign. There are many months of work and in very few cases, there is a small part of “luck factor” that can make the campaign go off. But it is normal that it is a very hard diffusion work. You need a lot of resources and a lot of people working on the campaign.”

 kietoparao in their website after their crowdfunding campaign with help of influencer marketing

We can say that this campaign was a success since in a short period of time, they exceeded $20,000 and the project of these mothers became a reality. In addition, all of the collaborators are impressed by the quality of Kietoparao. And in the words of María “In Kietoparao, what has worked best for us so far has been influencer marketing, due to the type of product. The Kickstarter campaign allowed us to have visibility in markets where we had no presence.”

They currently have the Kietoparao website where they tell their stories and make a wide variety of kits available to the public. If you need help managing your influencer marketing campaigns, check Heepsy or contact us!  

Iratxe works in the Agency team at Heepsy. She communicates with brands to create influencer marketing campaigns. During her free time, she loves travelling to exploring new places and discover new cultures.

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