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Today we are covering an influencer marketing case study. One of our clients with recurring campaigns is Kiwoko. Kiwoko is a leading company for pets in Spain. Dedicated to the sale of food brands and care for your pet.

The main success of Kiwoko campaigns is consistency. This is the second year that Kiwoko has chosen Heepsy to carry out its annual campaigns with influencer marketing.

In the 2018-2019 period, Kiwoko closed its campaigns with a total of 22 campaigns completed throughout the year, adding a total of 300 influencers collaborating with its brand. In total, they achieved a total of 13,122,830 impressions, 459,819 interactions, and 6,311 clicks on the brand’s website.

Influencer marketing case study - post

Given the success of the campaigns carried out on Instagram, Kiwoko has decided to bet once more on Heepsy for the period of 2019-2020. With a total of 18 campaigns scheduled, we hope to beat out the results of previous campaigns.

After a brief introduction to the results and expectations of Kiwoko, we will explain this influencer marketing case study that we have executed for them. This will provide a glimpse of the process from beginning to end.

Kiwoko Campaign – Summer Vibes – 2019

Before starting their campaign, Kiwoko received the estimated results of the campaign. In this case, the estimated results were the following:

– Impressions: 521,308       

– Interactions: 15,639       

Influencer marketing case study tracking

– Clicks: 782       

All campaigns that have been carried out with Kiwoko to date are in exchange for product. That is, a “voucher” was given to the influencer so that they can buy Kiwoko products both online and in physical stores (at the free choice of the influencer). In return, 1 post and 2 or 3 stories with the purchased products were requested.

At least one of the products purchased by the influencer had to be related to the campaign to be promoted. In this case, the most purchased products were: swimming pools, refreshing blankets, drinking tools, and pet toys that could be put in the fridge. As you can see, they were products related to the campaign: products for summer.

Contacting influencers

With all the conditions and incentives well explained, we tried to contact the influencers that best fit this type of collaboration. They were searching for 100 influencers, especially pet profiles, or profiles of people who regularly go out with their pets on Instagram.

Once the initial contact was made, we successfully reached the 100 profiles interested in this collaboration. Normally, influencers from 5K to 50K are contacted. There are always profiles of more than 50K who are interested in collaboration. In this case, the profile with the least followers had 5K and the profile with the most followers had 90K. The average amount of followers for the influencers who collaborated in this campaign was 17K.

Information about the campaign

Once the influencers are interested in collaboration, we sent all the necessary information to start publishing:

– Shop Online Voucher personalized for each influencer        

– Publications: 1 post and 2 or 3 stories mentioning @kiwoko and using the hashtag #veranokiwoko #summervibes       

– Publication dates: 05/23/19 – 06/16/19       

At this moment they knew all the information about the campaign. Then, we added the entire list of them to our tracking tool stories. We understood that at any time, they could start posting so we tracked this to avoid losing anything. 

Throughout the following month, we continuously monitored the influencers’ publications. In general, we did not force influencers to upload specific publications and texts. It is much more natural when followers see a picture that fits the theme of the influencer.

Kiwoko influencer marketing case study

When the campaign end date was approaching, we sent a reminder to all . This was to verify that everything was in order. We also sent out a reminder to those who lacked the post or stories. Mainly to remind them that the campaign was about to end. We need them soon. If not, we couldn’t include their results in the report. 

Sometimes some influencers don’t perform all agreed publications. However, there are always influencers who generate more than previously agreed. So generally, you get more publications.

Results obtained

There were 100 participating influencers. This should have equaled a minimum of 100 posts and approximately 200-400 stories throughout the campaign. The results of this campaign were spectacular, as participation was better than expected:

Influencers: 100       

Posts: 105       

Stories: 616       

Impressions: 1,961,276       

Interactions: 82,556       

Clicks: 4,091       

As you can see, from the estimations we had, we achieved better results. Influencers posted more content and the impressions were spectacular. This is a successful influencer marketing case study that shows the positive results that a campaign with influencers can create.

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