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Optimising Your Influencer Search by Location: a Saint Patrick’s Day Example

If you’ve stumbled across this article, whether a brand or influencer, a Heepsy user or not, you’re probably curious as to what this has to do with Saint Patrick’s Day. Well, when beginning to plan for an influencer marketing campaign, you want to make sure that you’re finding the perfect influencer to meet your business […]

Celebrate International Women’s Day With These Inspirational Influencers

Across the globe, today we are celebrating International Women’s Day, 2021. This is a day that should be recognised by everyone, regardless of gender, race, age or profession. It is important to describe this day as a celebration, whilst also encouraging education and awareness that we believe can be found through influencers.  What is International […]

These 10 Wildlife Influencers Capture The World’s Greatest Moments

In honour of World Wildlife Day, what better way to celebrate our beautiful wildlife than through the lens of an influencer. Back in 2013, the United Nations General Assembly declared 3 March as  World Wildlife Day, a day to celebrate and raise awareness for the wild animals and plants across our planet. Each year, World […]

Climate Influencers That Can Inspire You To Make Changes For Our Planet

I’m sure that you are no stranger to the climate crisis which has been gaining a lot of attention on social media over recent years. But, this is not just a new problem. Climate change is a global emergency that is both caused by, and can be saved by changes in everyday human behaviour. Whether […]

Creators and Personalities in Influencer Marketing

Creators and personalities are probably two terms you’ve heard in connection with influencer marketing. And if you’re new to the industry, you might not be exactly sure what the difference is. After all, don’t all influencers create content in some way?  Yes, but there are some key differences. Keep reading to find out what they […]

Educational Influencers to Help You Learn Something New In 2021

Want to learn something new in 2021? 2020 was definitely a year full of challenges and events that shook up the system. The coronavirus pandemic forced people to change their routines, take up new hobbies, or learn new skills. And the political and social unrest that ignited in various parts of the world may have […]

Computer-Generated Influence: The World of Virtual Influencers

Are you wondering what we mean by virtual influencers? If there’s any doubt in your mind, let’s clarify: we’re talking about full-fledged influencers with social media accounts, backstories, friends and collaborators. The only difference? These Instagram and Youtube influencers are 100% born of CGI. Artists have been using digital technology to create fictional characters for […]

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