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TikTok Ban Avoided in US Thanks to New Deal

To ban or not to ban? That seems to be the primary question surrounding TikTok in the United States. For the moment, it looks like a TikTok ban has been avoided. But what does all of this mean for marketers looking to find influencers to launch campaigns on TikTok? Let’s break down what’s happened in […]

Instagram Launches its Newest Feature: Reels

Have you noticed anything new on Instagram today? Have your favorite Instagram influencers uploaded content that looks different from what they usually post? If so, it’s probably because yesterday the social media giant released its latest feature: Reels. The new media format lets you record and edit multi-clip videos of up to 15 seconds. Reels […]

Discover Heepsy’s latest feature: TikTok Filter

TikTok is rapidly becoming a social media platform that many brands and companies are using for their campaigns. The power of this channel keeps increasing worldwide, and many brands are choosing launching campaigns there. Due to this, we have developed a brand new filter to find influencers that have a TikTok channel. With this filter, […]

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