Tik Tok and Influencer Marketing

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Just when we thought there could not be another social network at the level of Facebook or Instagram, Tik Tok appears. It began as musical.ly, a Chinese platform that allowed users to playback songs or famous quotes. However, this tool ended up becoming the famous Tik Tok that we now know. Influencer marketing in Tik Tok is very popular right now.

Since its launch in 2018, Tik Tok has become one of the most used platforms in the world. Furthermore, it is available in 75 languages. Right now, it is in the top 5 in terms of downloads on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Tik Tok follows the steps of musical.ly, and is often used to record videos of different songs, movie phrases, etc. Like Instagram, it lets you use filters, making it more attractive to its main users: teenagers.

Guess influencer marketing campaign on Tik Tok

Although it seems like a platform designed only for music, it can be used in other areas such as fashion, leisure, comedy, etc. If we add that most users who use this platform are very young, Tik Tok can be a popular platform when making an influencer marketing campaign.

It is very useful especially if your target audience is within ” Generation Z,”  which has always been a challenge for brands.

Generation Z in Tik Tok

“Generation Z” includes all people born between 1996 and 2000. It is the generation that appears after millennials, people who are completely devoted to the use of social networks and technology. This generation is perfect for applications such as Tik Tok, Whatsapp, or Youtube.

In this platform, there are already influencers somewhat different from what we can find in other platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. This is the case of the @lisaandlena account, managed by German twins who have 31.5 million fans; they became the most followed account outside Asia. But there are also “micro influencers” within this platform, many of which may be more suitable if you have a small or medium-sized company.

There are several ways that you can use Tik Tok in your campaigns and you can take advantage of the success it has had in recent months. Keep in mind that a typical piece of content promoted by an influencer on this platform usually lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. Moreover, the typical posts are between 1 and 2 minutes

Here are a couple of examples of how an influencer marketing campaign can be conducted in Tik Tok:

Calvin Klein Spring campaign

Calvin Klein launched this campaign a few months ago with famous people and influencers, sharing 15-second videos. The aim of the campaign was to announce the Spring collection. The campaign featured Kendall Jenner, Shawn Mendes, and A$AP Rocky, among others. It went viral in just over 24 hours and managed to be shared in mass media worldwide. The campaign was extended to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. By doing it first within Tik Tok, the company was able to reach its younger followers more easily and effectively.

Example of the Tik Tok influencer marketing campaign for Calvin Klein

Cafe 86 a Tik Tok and Instagram campaign

These types of campaigns are a good example of how to get impressions and brand visibility. While being a small company. Cafe 86, is a business that is located in several cities in the United States. They had the collaboration of an influencer, @foodwithmichel, to promote the drinks they had available.

This collaboration was shared with his followers on Tik Tok. Also, at the same time, he published the content on his Instagram. Thus generating visualizations and engagement on both platforms. If you want to know more about the type of campaigns that exist in influencer marketing, you can read this article.

Example of influencer marketing campaign with Cafe 86 store

As you have seen, Tik Tok is a social network that is gaining followers and growing exponentially in recent months. The content can be reused in Instagram as well as in other media, to try to increase reach and engagement. Do not hesitate to try this platform to generate more visibility for your content! And remember, if you need to find influencers for your campaigns check out Heepsy!

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