Top 10 NBA Wives Influencers on Instagram in 2019

NBA playoffs started a couple of weeks ago, and NBA players have a great support system outside the courts by their partners. Here you can find the top 10 NBA player’s partners who made a huge impact on the successful careers of people like Stephen Curry.

1º – Gabrielle Union

She is an actress and she is married to Dwyane Wade. She has more than 13M of followers and 1.8% of engagement, you might know her because of his model career but she is also an advocate of many social issues and she just had a baby last year.

2º –  Lala

Lala  has more than 8.6M of followers and she is the partner of Carmelo Anthony. You might know her because of her actress career and she has 0.9 % of engagement.

3º – Teyana Taylor

Teyanna Taylor is a model and singer, and she is married with Iman Shumpert, from Houston Rockets. She has 8.4M followers and an engagement of 2.3%. She has participated in different music videos too from singers like Kanye West.

4º – Ayesha Curry

We have here Ayesha Curry, who is married with the great player, Stepehen Curry. She has 6.3M followers and 1.3% engagement. She is a business woman with her own kitchen supplies online store and she also has written a book.

5º – Savannah

Savannah is a popular woman that she is married with Lebron James, from the Angeles Lakers . She has 1.1M followers and 5.6% of engagement. They both met in highschool and they got married in 2013.

6º – Amelia Vega

Amelia Vega, she is from Dominican Republic, and she is a model and the partner of Al Horford from Boston Celtics. She has more than 990K followers and 3.3% of engagement.

7º – Kamiah Adams

Kamiah, is married from the player of Washington Wizards Bradley Beal. She has 810K followers and 1.9% engagement and she works as an actress and model.

8º – Kate Bock

Kate Bock  is a 26 year old  Canadian model that is  in the 8th of our list. She has a total of 440K followers, and a 1.2% engagement. She is the partner of Kevin Love from the Cleveland Cavaliers. She has appeared in different fashion magazines like Elle.

9º – Viviana Ortiz

Viviana Ortiz, is a Puertorican actress, and she got married a couple of years ago with Dallas Maverick’s player JJ Barea. Viviana was miss universe Puerto Rico in 2011. She has 210K followers and 3.9% of engagement.  

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10º – Robyn Hayward

Robyn, is the last person of our list and she is the partner of Gordon Hayward, from Boston Celtics.  She has 100K followers and a good engagement of 1.1%. With her social media platforms, she shares beautiful moments between their family and them attending to his games.

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