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Curious about top influencers in a particular category? Want to know which brands were the most mentioned on Instagram? Trying to discover new influencers who are talking about a certain topic? Find all that and more here, where we bring you our top lists of influencers and brands in the social media marketing industry.

Educational Influencers to Help You Learn Something New In 2021

Want to learn something new in 2021? 2020 was definitely a year full of challenges and events that shook up the system. The coronavirus pandemic forced people to change their routines, take up new hobbies, or learn new skills. And the political and social unrest that ignited in various parts of the world may have […]

Computer-Generated Influence: The World of Virtual Influencers

Are you wondering what we mean by virtual influencers? If there’s any doubt in your mind, let’s clarify: we’re talking about full-fledged influencers with social media accounts, backstories, friends and collaborators. The only difference? These Instagram and Youtube influencers are 100% born of CGI. Artists have been using digital technology to create fictional characters for […]

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