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There are millions of influencers out there. Heepsy gives you the tools and resources to find the right ones for your brand.

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Trusted by more than 10,000 brands big and small.

Trusted by more than 10,000 brands big and small.

What to do with Heepsy

Branding campaigns

Want to connect your brand with new audiences? Find influencers with high engagement rates who can make the introduction to their followers.


Need influencers for an event? Search for influencers in your area and industry and send them an invite.

Product seeding

Trying to generate buzz about your products? Why not work with micro influencers? Find them on Heepsy, connect, and send them products to review.


Filters to help you find what you need

Tailor your search results with Heepsy's intuitive filters. Find influencers according to industry, location, and performance metrics. Get a visual preview of their feed to see if they capture your brand's style.

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Choose confidently thanks to influencer statistics

Want to know how an influencer has grown their audience? Check their engagement rate? See how often they post? Find it all an influencer’s performance statistics on Heepsy.

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Use lists to bookmark and compare profiles

Bookmark relevant influencers and compare their statistics using Heepsy's lists feature. Or export lists as spreadsheets to use in your campaigns.

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For Start Ups

Influencer marketing for startups in just a click.

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For E-commerce

Influencer marketing to grow your e-commerce.

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Influencer Search

Find influencers according to your brand and its goals.

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Instagram Influencers

Best-in-class influencer marketing Platform

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