Case Studies

Influencer marketing success and the paths that led to it.

How the projects* Helped Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness for a travel company without travel influencers.

How ASOS Grew its Business & Instagram in the Midst of the Pandemic

Influencers helped this e-commerce keep up with shifting demands.

How Agencies Helped HelloFresh with Influencer Campaigns to Achieve Growth Goals in The UK

A combination of agencies keeps the strategy fresh.

Kietoparao and their Crowdfunding Campaign with Influencer Marketing

Kickstarting a new business with influencer marketing.

Kiwoko Pet Store and its Recurring Influencer Marketing Campaign

When consistency pays off.

Leave the content to the experts!

How Bloomscape Used Influencers To Cultivate Organic Instagram Growth

Goiko Grill and the Use of Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth version 2.0.

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