The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing

Chapter 1: Campaign Definition

Like most things in life, marketing campaigns rarely pay off if you don’t put in the hard work beforehand. In order to have great results, you have to approach your campaign from a strategic perspective from the very outset. And that starts here, with campaign definition. Keep reading to learn all about the types of campaigns that exist, how to create a marketing proposal, and more.

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1.4. Creating a great proposal

A marketing proposal is the document that an agency prepares to present a campaign to the client for approval. It could also be presented by a marketing department to senior management, or by marketing analysts to their boss. While proposals may have been printed paper documents in the past, nowadays nearly all of them are visual presentations.

This section will outline what to include to create a killer proposal that will help get your campaigns put into action.

Basic info

Include the most very basic information about the campaign, like:

- Objectives - your goals for the campaign

- Target Audience - who the campaign should reach

- Brand Message - what you want to transmit

Campaign strategy

Here you want to basically outline your campaign and your strategy for making it successful:

- Categories - the areas you want to impact

- Product/Fee Value - what you’re going to send as incentive

- Influencers & Followers - number of influencers and followers you’ve strategized

- Publishing Guidelines - any specific rules for publications, like brand mentions or hashtags

- Content Ideas - if you want to do things like giveaways or events

- Campaign Timeline - the important dates in your campaign

If you have various strategies, you might want to include one slide that summarizes them all together.

Estimated results

Based on the strategies you’re employing in your campaign, what do you estimate the results to be?

- Amount of followers - number of people who follow the campaign’s influencers

- Amount of impressions - the times your campaign will be displayed on screen

- Amount of interactions - amount of people who will interact with your campaign

- Number of clicks - amount people will click on your links

- Audience - what kinds of people your campaign will reach (demographics like age, gender, location, etc., which can be accessed using Heepsy)

- CPM, CPI, CPC - your estimated cost per mille, interaction and click

You might want to include one slide that summarizes them all together.


Dedicate a slide to explain the style of the campaign publications. You might have defined aesthetic guidelines, like certain colors that have to be used, or certain locations where you want influencers to shoot their content. You could use a mood board here to give a sense of what the campaign will look like.


If you’re a marketing agency, or if you’re a brand working with an agency, you should know some of the ways agencies typically price their fees. Agencies will sometimes charge per month. They might charge per influencer. Or, they could charge a percentage of what the brand offers the influencer (in money and product).

Let’s demonstrate this third method with an example. A sports brand wants to promote their newest sneakers, so they set up a campaign with 50 influencers. As incentive, each influencer received a pair of the sneakers, which retail for $100. The agency charges a 30% fee on this. So, 30% of the $100 sneakers comes to $30. And as there are 50 influencers involved in the campaign, the agency’s total fee would be $1,500.

Campaign Lifecycle

Explain the campaign’s deployment plan in five short steps:


At the end of your proposal, note down any relevant contact information for the agency, team and anyone else involved in the campaign. You could also include links to the brand’s social media accounts if your campaign goals involve those.

1.3. Estimating your campaign's impact

1.5. Managing expectations

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