The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing

Chapter 4: Campaign Monitoring

Once the campaign is running, you have to keep track of it. Tracking your campaign means collecting the media published by the influencers and examining the results that come in through your analytics program. It might not be the most glamorous part of the campaign process, but it’s critical if you want to analyze your results and measure your success.

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4.2. Tips & tricks for following up

It’s always necessary to follow up with influencers, whether they publish or not.

Influencers who publish

Many times, when an influencer publishes something for your campaign, they’ll send you an email letting you know. Express gratitude to encourage them to continue the practice.

When influencers don’t notify you after publishing, you can choose to contact them to thank them, or not. We recommend sending a quick email to thank the influencer once you’ve seen that their post is uploaded and fulfills the criteria you outlined. However, if you’re working with a lot of influencers, this can be extremely time consuming. Just keep in mind that if you don’t communicate with the influencer after they publish, they’re going to assume that you’ve seen their work and that everything is okay.

If you see something wrong with the publications (they forgot a hashtag, spelling mistakes, etc), kindly point it out to the influencer so they can fix it. The earlier you catch any mistake the better, so stay vigilant during the campaign’s publication window.

Influencers who don't publish

When an influencer doesn’t publish by the agreed-upon date, there are several ways to confront them. You could start with a subtle email asking if everything is okay. Did the product arrive? Were they able to use the voucher? Has something happened? Another option is to send a more insistent email, explaining that they have until a certain date to publish.

If the influencer doesn’t answer your emails, you could try reaching out directly on Instagram. Start with a direct message, and if they don’t reply to that, leave a comment on their last post.

If you’re having trouble with an influencer who isn’t publishing as expected, set up a reminder strategy that revolves around your campaign dates. For example:

- Subtle email - when there are two weeks until the end of the campaign

- Insistent email - when there’s one week left, to remind them of the deadline

- DM - when there’s less than a week left

- Comment - when there’s only 2-3 days left (these might be lost, but if they answer you in time, you can extend the campaign by 1-2 days to allow them to publish)

Also, take into account the days of the week. The best day to remind influencers of upcoming deadlines is a Thursday or Friday, as the weekend is approaching and they’ll likely have more time to publish.

4.1. Detecting & collecting published media

Chapter 5: Campaign Analysis

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