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A collage of influencer statistics.

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Audit influencers with Heepsy's built-in statistics

No time wasted waiting for media kits. No calculators necessary to understand engagement rates. Heepsy provides you with reliable statistics for every influencer on our platform.

Fraud detection to avoid fake followers

Accurate audience demographics like location and age

Basic metrics and contact information

Profile performance and visual preview


Precise influencer profile analytics

Follower growth, engagement rate, average likes and views. Analyze all that and more with Heepsy's influencer statistics.

Our AI analyzes influencer profiles and content, tags categories and locations, and calculates performance metrics. Then, the AI shows you that info in simple metrics and charts.

Reliable statistics for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok influencers

Instagram statistics

Track follower growth and compare influencer engagement. Check average likes and comments per post. See contact information and other social channels.

Use audience insights to analyze demographics and authenticity. Do a fake followers check and make sure the influencer's audience aligns with your target audience.

YouTube statistics

Check how many subscribers an influencer has, when they started their channel, and where they're located.

Check how many subscribers an influencer has, when they started their channel, and where they're located.

Analyze their total views, average views per video, and video metrics to dive deeper into their content.

TikTok statistics

Check location and follower count. Get public email addresses, and see if influencers are verified by TikTok.

Analyze engagement % to see how many likes and comments influencers get on their videos. Or check average views per video.

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