Top 9 beauty and make-up influencers in 2018

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With our platform Heepsy, you can discover influencers in every category and location. We are showing you here the top 9 beauty influencers around the world, which could change from time to time, depending on the results that we get. If you want to find more information, you always can use our advanced search tool. According to several marketing studies, the influencer economy on Instagram is valued at $1 billion, and keeps increasing every day.

The top beauty influencers on Heepsy go from people that are pro makeup artists with million followers to DIYers who taught themselves and now they show everything they know about cosmetics and beauty. People are loving putting on makeup more than ever. With social media, beauty influencers are uploading their makeup looks on a daily basis in Youtube or Instagram. Followers love watching tutorials and learning how to put on makeup, and discover the latest techniques and products.

The top beauty influencers have become an authority in the cosmetics industry. They give honest reviews about what products and brands are working good for them, and which ones are not, making them very powerful people. Influencers in this industry, are mostly women but there are many men that are in this makeup and beauty field with millions of followers on Instagram and Youtube.

Finding beauty influencers to partner with, can take a lot of time. With Heepsy, you can save hours because it lets you search thousands of influencers in seconds. You can contact and partner with them to be your brand ambassador, increase your company revenues by choosing the right beauty and makeup influencers now!

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