Top 9 beauty and make-up influencers in New York in 2018

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With Heepsy, you can discover tons of influencers in different categories and locations. Here we have compiled the top 9 New York City beauty and fashion influencers, a list that can change overtime, because our results are updated. If you want to do a deeper research, you always can use our advanced search tool.

New York City is known to be the city that never sleeps, with their popular restaurants, museums and shops. But also, it has many top fashion and beauty bloggers, that live in The Big Apple because it gives them plenty of inspiration for their Instagram or Youtube followers.

Fashion lovers follow these


because they enjoy their cool lifestyle, their time during New York Fashion Week, or because they just want to have new ideas for their personal style. Instagram is the most popular social media platform used by influencers, specially in this industry. If you are just curious to learn what beauty and fashion influencers are trendy in the area or your target audience is in NYC and you need to promote your cosmetics business, check out our ranking of the best beauty and fashion influencers.

Some of these bloggers are veterans who have been in the industry since the beginning, others are younger artists that came to New York to fulfill their dreams, and others work on a full time job and are influencers in their freetime, being total fashion trend setters.

Instagram and Youtube are becoming a larger and cooler platform for influencers to create and be brand ambassadors in the fashion and beauty industry. These people and businesses that we feature in our ranking are putting amazing content in their profiles for streetstyle, life in New York as fashion and beauty influencers. Check them out now!

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