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With Heepsy, you can discover the best drummers in 2018. This includes young artists that have become very popular in the last few months and others who are veterans in the music industry. From modern drummers to other styles of music, take a look at our list to find out who is the best. Keep in mind that this list that can change overtime, since our results are updated depending on how are they doing. If in the end you need to find more specific drummers, you can use our advanced search tool.

The role that a drummer plays in a band, is very important. Playing the drums in jazz or in rock, can change extremly the sound from one song to another. No matter what is your taste in music, drummers are essential components in any band.

It is true that when playing in a band, some drummers can be more significant . In rock music, drummers play one of the main roles and the music could not be the same without them. They have a big responsibility when leading the songs and the different rhythms.

There might be different drummers that can come to your mind right now. You might be an artist that is looking to find a great drummer for a project or to create a new brand. In the other hand, you might just be curious about how the industry works and you are thinking in playing this instrument. No matter what your reason is, find the best drummers in this ranking and contact them, get a collaboration together and be successful!

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