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In Heepsy we have made a rigorous selection of the 9 most influential makeup artists in Sydney. Some of them are wedding bridal hair & makeup artist, other amateur makeup artists who have managed to have great influence in Sydney. To give the most relevant information, this list is updated periodically, so if you come back in a while you will discover new professional makeup artists.

Choose from the best makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists in Sydney and make an important event something even more special. These makeup and hair artists make the difference in events such as weddings or promotional events. You can find also mobile makeup artists!

Find also non-professional makeup artists in Sydney that can help you get new ideas for you or your clients. It can be a great idea to follow them on Instagram to be in the latest fashion trend. They often post very interesting tips that can help you improve your technique.

Also, if you are in the industry, take advantage and promote your hairdressing and makeup products with those influencers. You can find out more makeup influencers by using our advanced search tool, select the right influencer and contact them. Maybe you can reach an agreement and invite them to try your products and, if they like it, they could publish on his Instagram account or blog and reach a great segmented audience. This is a great marketing strategy!

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