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With Heepsy, you can discover the most popular tattoo artists in 2018 around the world. With different techniques, colours and trends changing all the time, there is no better time to get a tattoo. You might be passing by a new city visiting or you are a local looking for a tattoo shop. No matter what your reason is, find out here who are the best tattoo artists. Keep in mind that this list can change overtime, since our results are updated.

If you are thinking in getting some ink, it could be difficult to know where to start. The fact that there are many tattoo artists everywhere, it could be confusing for you to choose where to go. That is why we created this list, so you can have the information in front of you fast and with good quality. You can always get more results if you use our advanced search tool.

In the other hand, you might be a tattoo artist that wants to know where are the best successful businesses that work in the same field. Learn what your competitors are doing, why they are so good and the last tattoo styles they are working on. Be ahead of them and make sure you are doing the best.

Moreover, you might want to partner with a tattoo artist to showcase your products. You can reach out to them and collaborate. By doing this, you will improve your brand image and get more and better followers for your brand. Instagram is the online most powerful tool that are used by tattoo artists, do not waste a minute and find the best influencers now!

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