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Get inked is one of the most antique forms of art, linked to the fashion world but, beyond this, it’s a lifestyle. Berlin has become one of the most important spot for tattoo art. Here you can find the most talented tattoo artists in the world, with well known tattoo parlours. The culture of the tattoo is very inculcated in the Berlin society. All kinds of people and all social classes show interest in this art form.

There are thousands of tattoo studios in Berlin, that's why in Heepsy we have made a list of the best tattoo artists based in Berlin. A top 9 ranking with the most relevant tattoo studios, artists and Instagram accounts with the most influential ideas of Berlin. Keep in mind that this list changes over time, since sometimes new artists appear while others disappear.

Take advantage of this information to get inspired for your new tattoo. The artists we propose are the vanguard of this type of art. Follow them on Instagram and discover the last piece of art created in the mecca of tattoo.

Also, if you are in the tattooing business, this list can help you to discover new competitors and be aware about the new designs. On the other hand, you can also contact with tattoo influencers and reach an agreement to appear on their Instagrams accounts. It’s a really good marketing strategy!

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