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In Heepsy we have select the top 9 of tattoo artists located in Paris, including not just artist but workshops and tattoo influencers. This list is updated from time to time, so don’t lose sight of it if you want to discover the best pieces of art of the moment. If you want to find out more, you can always use our advanced search tool.

If you are in Paris, France, or you are planning it, we can help you choose the best studio where to get some ink. There are many, some are new and others are already a reference in the world of tattoo, such us “Tin-tin tatouages”, “Hand in glove” or “Art corpus”. Take a look to their work and choose the one that fits best with your style, although it is neo-traditional, surrealism, japanese or traditional style. You can also take some ideas for a custom tattoo, and what better way than being inspired by the best tattoo artists in Paris.

If you have your own tattoo shop in Paris, take a look to these tattoo influencers (you can find out more with our advanced search tool), invite them to visit your shop and show them your art. If you reach an agreement with them, maybe they share your work with their followers on Instagram or their blog. It's a marketing strategy that really works!

In addition, you can also keep up to date with the work of your competition. Discover your main competitors, follow their movements in social networks and improve the offer of your tattoo shop. Don’t let them get ahead of you!

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