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The unusual style of Korea tattoos has made this region one of the most interesting hubs to explore new tendrings in the tattoo art. Despite this, in recent times this practice has been limited by the government considering it illegal to open a tattoo parlour without a medical license. In any case, there are many studies that work in an underground scene, so be aware of this!

In Heepsy we have selected the best 9 Seoul tattooists Instagram accounts to help you inspire your future designs. This selection is updated from time to time so we can offer the most up-to-date information. If you’re exploring Korea or you are planning travel there, you can get some ink and have a nice souvenir, so use this list to discover your favourite artist and contact him.

In most of the tattoo studios located in South Korea speaks english, so the language is not going to be a problem. In addition, you will immediately notice that the typical Korean work is very different from the one we are used to. You'll be surprised. Keep in mind that in Seoul the tattoo artist considers himself a true artist and, therefore, you must leave him some creative freedom. With this we want to tell you to get carried away by the designs that define the artist. In this way it will be much more authentic.

On the other hand, if you want to promote your products with tattoo artists of Seoul, take advantage of this list. Try to find a tattoo influencer that fits with your brand (you can use our advanced search tool) and contact him to make some collaborations. Make your product or brand reach a very segmented audience by publishing photos on tattoo artists Instagram accounts.It’s a great way to make your brand known.

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