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We have made an exclusive selection of the top 9 Toronto's best tattooists. Keep in mind that we are going to update this list every little time to offer the best and most complete information. Anyway, if you want to discover more new tattoo influencers or tattoo studios in Toronto, use our advanced search tool.

Toronto is a really interesting city to get inked. It has a great tattoo community with well-known artists that know how to use this form of art as a way of expression. Tattoo shops are the meeting point for tattoo artists in Toronto, the place where they make their work known and where you can have the privilege of getting a work of art for not much money.

If you are on the business, be aware about the latest trends in Toronto, follow them on Instagram and keep things fresh! Use this list to be up to date about the latest designs in body-art being inspired by the most influential people in the tattoo scene. You can find how other tattoo shops are doing and take into account the new artistic offer that they launch to the market.

You can also promote your products or brand with these tattoo influencers. Realize the ability to reach a very targeted audience. Find the right influencers and invite them to use your product. If they like it, maybe they decide to share his experience with their followers on Instagram or write an article on their blog. This kind of marketing strategies are usually very effective.

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