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In Heepsy we are specialists in discovering the best influencers for every niche, so this time we have identified the top vegan influencers on Instagram. This is the actual Top 9, but be aware because we update the list from time to time.

Thanks to this Top 9 you can being inspired by the best healthy vegan food and create your own recipes. Vegans influencers use to share the food they cook with their followers on social media. Cereals, tofu, vegetables and fruits are some of the main ingredients of a vegan recipe. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see recipes for smoothies or salads on their Instagram accounts, but it’s also usual to see plant-based burgers recipes. Just add some color to your meals. The vegan community is huge!

But veganism is sometimes related with poor nutrition. This is an expanded but wrong belief. Vegans are healthy people and they have shown it on numerous occasions: They use foods without cholesterol, they have less heart problems, they are not usually overweight, they have stronger immune systems...

Most of vegan influencers use to be young people with healthy lifestyle, mainly women but there are also many men. Nowadays it is estimated that there are more vegans than vegetarians.

On the other hand, this is also a good opportunity for vegan brands to discover brand ambassadors. Vegan influencers can help you to get awareness of your products and increase your revenues. By reaching an agreement with them, you can get them to talk about your products on their blog or publish photos or videos on their social media (Instagram, Youtube…). Their followers usually have great confidence in them, so they usually trust the recommendations they make. It is proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. So are you going to miss this opportunity?

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