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Our Mission

Heepsy is the perfect influencer marketing tool for any marketing team looking to find influencers for collaborations. It doesn’t matter if you are just learning how to do influencer marketing or you have years of experience, at Heepsy we help you save time and money on your campaigns. One of the most common concerns for marketers is how to find brand ambassadors that share your company’s values and are aligned with your brand. In our database of over 3 million instagram users you will find the perfect influencer for you. With our advanced filters, Heepsy lets you identify brand ambassadors in any location and category in a matter of seconds. It’s quick and easy!

Heepsy is the best influencer search platform for instagram influencers. Why do influencer marketing on instagram? Because it’s the single best social platform to promote your brand! It’s image-based, it’s experiencing fast growth and it is the platform where consumers engage with brands the most.

Why use a an influencer search tool instead of an influencer marketplace? Many influencer marketing platforms have in an opt-in model, thus limiting your reach only to the influencers registered on their website. Influencer search websites like Heepsy let you access the whole influencer universe and helps you find influencers that haven’t collaborated with any other brands before.

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