Build hype for your event by inviting influencers

Bring the right people to your event and let them attract other attendees. Works wonders for all sorts of events, from concerts to theater plays or business and sectorial conferences.

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Find the right influencers

Find the right influencers for your event. Use Heepsy's location and topic filters to identify the influencers that will attract the most attendees to the venue.

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Invite them

Invite influencers to your event. Offer them a free ticket and/or a cash incentive to promote your event and show up.

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Build hype

Build a collaboration in which influencers speak of you prior and during the event.

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Our Mission

At Heepsy we help you get more attendants for your event wherever your venue is. Our technology lets you find influencers for events, sponsorship or any type of collaborations in just a few clicks. At Heepsy we let you find influencers in any geography and category so that you can find influencers of any industry in the city where your event takes place.

Wondering how to invite influencers to your event? It's easy! Log into your Heepsy account and go to your search menu. Select your location, the relevant category (fashion, music, cars...) and a follower range. And voila! It is THAT easy! Get more attendants to your concert, conference or sports event. Invite relevant people and let them talk about you to their followers. Even better, ask influencers to do a meet up with your followers at your event!

Heepsy is the best influencer search platform for instagram influencers. Why should you do influencer marketing on instagram instead of other social media platforms? Because it is the single best social media platform to promote your event. It’s image-based, its user base is growing fast and with Stories people can share quick media about your event while it’s happening.

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