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Our Mission

Heepsy is the perfect influencer marketing tool for any marketing team looking to find fashion influencers for collaborations. If you are a marketer in the beauty or fashion industry or an agency working with a beauty or fashion brand, you will know by know the benefits of doing influencer marketing. But you might not know everything about how to find collaborations with beauty influencers or how to do influencer marketing for fashion brands just yet.

One of the most common concerns for beauty and fashion marketers is how to find influencers that have not worked with many brands before, that share your company’s values and that are aligned with your brand. In our database of over 3 million instagram users you will find the perfect influencer for you in a matter of seconds. It is super quick and easy. With our advanced filters, Heepsy lets you identify beauty and fashion influencers in any location and category.

Why use an influencer search tool for beauty influencers instead of an influencer marketplace? While some influencer marketing platforms have in an opt-in model, influencer search tools like Heepsy give you access to the whole Instagram universe, where thousands of fashion bloggers, makeup gurus and beauty youtubers are waiting for you to contact them.

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