Attract new customers to your business by bringing influencers

Attract the right influencers to your shop and others will follow. Get influencers to show up at your restaurant, bar, lounge or club.

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Find the right influencers

Find the right influencers for your venue. Use Heepsy's location and topic filters to identify the influencers that will attract the most customers and raise the popularity of your business.

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Invite them

Invite influencers to your business. Offer them free product, service and/or a cash incentive to attract them.

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Build hype

Build a collaboration in which influencers publish from your venue talking about what makes your business special.

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Our Mission

At Heepsy we want to help you get more customers to your restaurant, bar or lounge. Many business owners and managers in the hospitality industry still have not cracked the code on how to bring more customers to their bars or restaurants. They have great places with delicious food and fantastic ambiance, yet they fail to attract customers and get the wheel of word-of-mouth rolling.

Our goal at Heepsy is to help you jumpstart your word-of-mouth marketing strategies by inviting influential people to your bar and letting them tell their followers how awesome your place is. Inviting instagram influencers to your bar is a great way to promote your bar, you will gain visibility and you will get people talking about your place.

“How do invite influencers to my restaurant?” You might ask. “I know the big names on instagram, but how do I find local influencers?” At heepsy, we have a database of 3 million instagram influencers segmented by geography, category, channel and metrics. Our precise geolocation can find influencers in your city that post about stuff relevant to your business. Additionally, you can also find people that are just passing by and give them an invitation to your bar. Set yourself apart from the competition, build hype and get more customers to your restaurant or bar. For more tips on how to promote your bar with influencer marketing, check out our blog.

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