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Reach out to travel influencers and influencers passing by.

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Find travel influencers

Find influencers willing to visit you and speak about you. Travel influencers speak to audiences of millions about hotels and destinations.

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Find visiting influencers

Use Heepsy to find influencers passing by your city. Our unique visiting feature allows you to detect relevant influencers who have just arrived to your location.

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Build hype

Build a collaboration in which influencers speak about your hotel or destination. Help them generate visual content and let the power of images do the rest.

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Our Mission

Are you a hotel owner or work in the tourist department of your city? Do you run a local tourist attraction? At Heepsy we help you get more visitors. Our technology lets you find travel influencers for any type of collaborations in just a few clicks. Find influencers that are willing to visit your destination, invite them, let them talk about you to their followers and get more positive reviews.

Wondering how to invite influencers to your hotel? Trying to get influencers to visit a tourist attraction? Log into your Heepsy account, go to your search menu and select the relevant category and a follower range. And there you have it! Quick and easy! You just need to browse through the results and use advanced filters to refine your search if necessary. Doing collaborations with travel influencers is that easy!

Also, with our advanced location filter, Heepsy lets you find influencers that are just passing by your city. Catch influencers that are just visiting your town and invite them to your hotel or attraction. Get attention from top influencers that just happen to be there! They will just love to get invited and you will reach people that you would not reach otherwise.

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