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Find other influencers in your region

Identify other influencers in your same region. Learn about their content and brands they collaborate with.

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Find top influencers in your category

Identify the top influencers in your category. Who are they? What do they post about? Who do they collaborate with?

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Learn about estimated costs

Heepsy calculates estimated costs for each influencer based on existing market data and algorithmic calculations. Learn how brands will perceive your value as an ambasssador.

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Our Mission

Your Instagram account just reached 5k followers and you see your peer influencers are starting to get paid by brands to promote their products. However, no one has contacted you yet and you might be wondering how to get collaborations with brands. Or better yet you have been contacted and you are wondering how much you should charge for a sponsored post on instagram.

The first thing you should do is a thorough research of the influencer landscape. What influencers are collaborating with brands? What are the top influencers in my industry and how much are brands paying for an influencer post? At Heepsy we let you find influencers in any geography and category so that you can find other influencers to see what they are doing right. Also, we offer you an estimated cost metric. You just need to enter an instagram username (your own or someone you know) and we will give you an estimate of how much will a brand be willing to pay for an instagram post.

Also, our filters show other metrics that brands take into consideration when selecting influencers for collaborations. Follower number is not the most important factor to calculate your media value per post. In fact, the engagement is getting more important to evaluate the reach of an Instagram channel. Other metrics that marketers take into consideration when choosing an influencer are follower growth, like rate, follower to following ratio. Find out your media value and be more strategic about your brand collaborations with Heepsy.

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