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Access influencer contact details and download influencer data to start your campaings.

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Our Mission

Heepsy is the perfect influencer marketing tool for agencies. Whether you are just learning how to do influencer marketing or you are a seasoned expert, at heepsy we help you save time and money on your influencer campaigns.

One of the most common concerns for marketers is how to find influencers in a efficient way. If you have ever tried to find influencers by searching on Google or on Instagram directly, you know what we are talking about. It takes time, it’s ineffective and you don’t have a way to compare influencers beyond their follower number. With our advanced filters, Heepsy lets you identify influencers in any location and category you need in just a few clicks. Find influencers in your city in just a matter of seconds!

Heepsy is the best influencer search platform for instagram influencers. Why use a an influencer search tool? Many influencer marketing platforms are based in an opt-in model, where you can only contact influencers that have signed up on their website. Heepsy, however, lets you access the whole instagram universe.

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