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Industry Guide to Influencer Marketing: Agency

All you need to know when finding influencers on Heepsy for your clients.

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Welcome to Heepsy’s Industry Guide to Influencer Marketing: Agency! In this guide, we’re going to cover the most relevant topics for agencies using our product, or for agencies who are curious about expanding or changing up their influencer marketing efforts.

Influencer marketing is expected to grow to a market value of $13.8 billion in 2021, which is up a considerable amount from its $1.7 billion value in 2016. More brands than ever are relying on influencers to help them achieve their marketing goals, and many of those brands count on agencies to manage their campaigns.

As an agency, your role is to lead brands in their influencer marketing quest. And to make a good impression on your clients, you want to be able to find the right influencers, keep their campaigns organized, and present positive results so they keep coming back for more. This guide is designed to help you do just that.

Finally, we just want to add that this industry guide is built to supplement The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing. That handbook isn’t targeted at any specific industry, but goes more in-depth into how to run a campaign from start to finish.

Chapter 1: Campaign Definition

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