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Advanced filters, including location and topic , help you identify the most relevant contacts out of 2 million Instagram influencers.

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2. Create and download lists

Build lists with influencers and their contact info and download in excel format.

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Find immediate contact information. Email addresses are available for 60% of influencers.

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The best influencer search engine worldwide

Over 2 million influencers worldwide

We’ve created advanced filters to help you find the right influencers for your brand in minutes.

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Find creators and experts in all fields.


Discover where in the world influencers post from.


Find a complete list of verified Instagram users.


Find all of their available contact information.


Find influencers with over 5,000 followers.


Understand the engagement rate of each influencer.


Figure out which influencers are growing FAST.

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Search influencers by keywords for free

  • 2m influencers
  • Bio search
  • Instagram info
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For local businesses and micro-influencers

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  • Location filter
  • Metrics filters
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$29/ month
For medium sized brands, agencies and influencers

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  • Topic filter
  • Mentions filter
  • Lists
$99/ month
For larger brands and agencies

All Advanced features


  • Contact info
  • Social media
  • Data download

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