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Get to know our global influencer search engine

Discover new influencers and build your network

You control your search with Heepsy. Choose exactly what to search for. Plug it into our tool, and get results in seconds. Find influencers from around the world.

Find Instagram and TikTok influencers with more than 5K, YouTube influencers with more than 1K subscribers, and Twitch streamers of all sizes.

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Advanced filters for niche searches

Search for a specific handle. Search for keywords. Or use our filters to find influencers by location, engagement rate, and more.

Our search engine is powered by artificial intelligence. We use machine learning to analyze influencer profiles and content. Our tool then segments results based on the criteria you put in.

Find Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitch influencers in seconds

Instagram search

Or, turn the search on their audience. Use our audience demographics and authenticity filters to make sure you reach your target and avoid fake followers.

Our most robust search engine. Search for influencers by location, category, and performance metrics.

Youtube search

A discovery tool oriented to video content creators. Find influencers by their subscriber count, location, contact info, channel creation date, and more.

Want influencers with certain video and views metrics? Use our filters to sort by videos per week, average views per video, and more.

TikTok search

A search tool designed with your TikTok campaigns in mind. Find TikTokers within your target locations or follower ranges, or search by content category.

Find TikTok influencers who are well-connected with their audience. Use the engagement filter to specify engagement % or average views per video. 

Twitch search

A search engine to help you find streamers. Find Twitchers by game, category, or keyword. Filter by followers or the language of the streamer. 

Narrow down further by post frequency or average views per stream. Or find streamers who also have profiles on other networks.

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