The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing

Chapter 2: Campaign Setup

Now that you’ve outlined the goals and guidelines of your campaign, it’s time to start putting the pieces in motion. And for influencer marketing campaigns, the most important piece is probably the influencer! Finding influencers can feel overwhelming, but Heepsy makes it easy. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know when searching for and selecting influencers.

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2.3. Organizing your influencer search results

After searching and checking that influencers look legit, you should have a list of some who look interesting for your campaign. Don’t forget that you’ll want to contact double what you think you’ll need. If you want 5 influencers, reach out to 10. Not all will be available, and some might not even respond.

Regardless of the number you’re working with, it’s important to keep your information well-organized to avoid confusion and oversight. There are two ways you can do this.

With Excel

Create a spreadsheet that includes the following key info:

- Instagram handle

- Influencer’s name (if available, to personalize your communications with them)

- Number of followers at the time of the search

- Contact information (public email address on the Instagram profile)

Simple enough. But there’s a much more efficient and comprehensive way to organize your influencers.

With Heepsy

Heepsy lets you keep customized lists of influencers for various campaigns, countries, categories, or however you prefer to organize your information. Once you build your list, you can access it directly in Heepsy or download it as an XML or CSV file.

How to access and create lists

To access your influencer lists, look for My Lists at the top right of Heepsy’s interface.

This will open the page called My Lists, where you can manage your lists. On the left side of the screen, you can see your existing lists, as well as the option to create a new one.

To add influencers to a list, look for the plus icon while viewing their profile. When you click the plus icon, you can choose to add the influencer to an existing list or create a new one on the spot.

Using lists for your campaigns

Heepsy’s lists allow you to easily compare influencers across various metrics, and provides you all the information necessary for you to reach out.

At the top of a list, you’ll see the Aggregated Metrics, which show you aggregates or averages of all the influencers in that list. Beneath the aggregates, you’ll find the influencer-specific metrics:

- Handle and name - the name as it appears on the profile

- Frequent location - based on bio and/or common geotags

- Number of followers - this one’s self-explanatory

- Engagement rate - average engagement rate across all posts

- Quality Score - overall rating of the profile

- Branded Engagement - average engagement on only branded posts

- Estimated Post Cost - this range is an estimate, and can vary depending on several factors, including whether or not the influencer is a personality outside of social media

Further, when you download the list as a spreadsheet, you’ll find all the information from the influencer analytics, including the audience metrics, brand mentions and contact emails.

With Heepsy’s lists, you have all the information necessary to choose influencers, get them approved by your client or manager, and start reaching out for collaborations.

2.2. Detecting and avoiding fake influencers

Chapter 3: Campaign Launch

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