What is KOL in marketing?

Over the past decade, the digital era has had tremendous growth and now we can’t imagine our lives without social media or digital advertising. The word influencer has become part of our vocabulary with a related acronym, KOL. But what does that mean?


KOL - Key opinion leader

KOL, better known as Key Opinion Leader is a person who has great knowledge about a subject and due to that, consumers trust them as people with a good reputation in a specific field.

Because of the reputation they hold, they are considered more efficient and able to deliver better results than traditional marketing campaigns. That’s why influencers have become key people for brands and companies. They are able to start conversations with users about a product or service since they are trustworthy, so brands keep collaborating with them.

A study on influencer marketing has shown that this type of promotion can give 11x more ROI than banner ads. This is a dealbreaker for many companies when deciding if they are going to launch an influencer marketing campaign or not.

Find the best KOL for your business

If you are new in the influencer marketing world and you don’t know where to start, find a platform that can help you with the discovery and analysis process. Heepsy has more than 11 million influencers worldwide, so you can find a choose the right one for your campaign. There you will find different features to make your work easier and faster. Apply their intuitive filters to discover influencers within a specific niche so you can make sure they are the right fit for you. After you do the search, check their reports to compare and analyze their performance and audience metrics.

For instance, if an influencer is well known for the technology reviews he or she makes on Youtube, people are going to follow and trust their opinion way more than the brand itself. Key opinion leaders would say the truth about a product, they are honest and will say their pros and cons.

They usually are people who have tried the product for quite some time so they know the characteristics, know how to apply or use the product, and know if it had some mishaps or consequences after using it. Building relationships with influencers might take some time.

However, it is more profitable to build long-term relationships as a brand ambassador or as an influencer who can have a recurring campaign with you rather than a one time campaign. It has been proven for different brands and companies who do long term commitments with influencers that their followers gain more trust in what they are promoting, which turns into an increase in sales.

Now is the time to find the KOLs’ you need to boost sales in your business. Create long-lasting collaborations by picking the most suitable influencer.

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