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In Heepsy we have create a list with the most influential models based in Houston, Texas. This is a dynamic list, since sometimes new influential models appear, devading others. Therefore, it is updated every so often. Stay tuned!

These models are often seen in promotional events and conventions as event staffing or trade show models. This is because in many cases they help brands to become more popular, using well-known marketing strategies, such as "influencer marketing" or participating as brand ambassadors. Therefore, take advantage of this list and discover the models that are best aligned with your brand values.

You can also use our advanced search tool to find out more. Prepare the perfect event by inviting or hiring influential models in Houston, save the cost of an agency and contact directly with the profile you need. That easy! This models or talents can also help you to reach your audience by promoting your event or product in their social medial. They have very well known Instagram accounts, with a very segmented audience. It’s a great opportunity for your brand.

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