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In Heepsy we have selected the best tattoo and piercing artists in Barcelona, including studios and influencers. This ranking is updated from time to time, so the list will vary in time to give you the most relevant information.

Barcelona has become one of the hot spots for the art world that marks the trend of future designs. This also applies to the world of tattooing, there are lots of good tattoo artists. For them tattooing is not just fashion, is a lifestyle. Therefore, if you are in the Catalan capital, you may want to get a tattoo or piercing. Take a look to the top Barcelona tattoo artists, maybe can inspire your design, or maybe you can hire one of the most influential artist and have him do it in his tattoo shop.

Moreover, if you are in the tattoo industry it could be really interesting for you to discover the most influential tattoo artists in Barcelona. This could be a great opportunity to promote your products. Find those ones (you can find more tattoo artist with our advanced search tool) that are aligned with your brand values and invite him to use your product. If you reach an agreement with them, they can show your brand or products on his Instagram profile, web or blog, reaching a great segmented audience. The use of influencers is a trendy marketing strategy!

In addition, if you have your own tattoo shop you can also keep up to date with the work of other parlours. Discover your main competitors, follow their movements on Instagram and improve the offer of your tattoo shop.

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