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List your opportunity on Heepsy’s unique marketplace and watch high-quality influencers apply to be part of it.

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Get daily creator applications to your campaign [Free]

List your campaign on Heepsy’s unique marketplace and watch high-quality influencers apply to be part of it.

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How Heepsy streamlines influencer recruitment

Create a beautiful opportunity in seconds

Create the perfect influencer marketing opportunity in seconds. Whether it´s gifting, paid, affiliate, or UGC oriented, we got you covered.

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Get daily applications from vetted creators

List your opportunity on Heepsy and you’re all set to get creator applications. Sit back and wait for creators to knock on your door.

Identify the right match easily

Analize your applicants and filter through them in seconds thanks to our CRM's power filters and integrated creator analytics. Compare proposals using actual proposal metrics such as creator fee or expected impact.

Move on to next collaboration steps easily

Discard or ignore proposals that don´t match your expectations. Move on to collaborate with the right creators however you prefer, inside of Heepsy´s Boards or by redirecting to another platform or to your own email.

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