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Core TikTok analytics

The first thing you probably notice about a TikToker is how many followers they have. This shows you the influencer's reach, and also affects how much they charge. But it's not the only metric to pay attention to.

Take a look at the number of videos they've created, too. This will give you an idea of the level of the influencer's experience. But besides to the number, examine the quality of their videos. Do they match your brand's standards?

Engagement rate

Engagement is a critical part of TikTok analytics. It shows the level of connection an influencer has with their audience. The more the audience enjoys an influencer's content, the more they interact with it.

Heepsy shows you an engagement rate for every TikTok influencer on our platform. You can also use the engagement filter to find TikTokers with a specific rate.

Video metrics

You've found a TikToker whose videos you love. Now, go behind the scenes to see the TikTok analytics about those videos.

Heepsy shows you:

• average views per video

• videos per week

• latest video

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