How to Find Influencers with Heepsy: A Quick Guide

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Many of you likely have one or more products you want to promote. Maybe you belong to an Influencer Marketing agency and need to find influencers who want to collaborate with your brand.

Instagram is one of the most popular networks today with millions of users publishing content daily. This makes it interesting for any brand that wants or needs to collaborate with influencers.

Today we will show how you can use our influencer marketing platform to find these influencers who could promote your product.

Step 1. Register or log in to Heepsy

The first thing you need to do is log in to Heepsy. If you do not have an account, you can create one from the section under “Signup”. Here you can fill in a couple of fields.

Remember to fill in your registration details. This product will be essential for the future of your business and your collaborations with influencers!

Step 2. Landing; a general look at Heepsy

Once “logged in” you find the “Discover” page. There you have a header at the top and some results at the bottom.

On the left side of the header, you can see a search bar accompanied at the bottom by a filter that you will use more later.

On the right side of the screen you have several sections:

Discover : The page on which you enter to see the results of your search. Also, the first page on which you’ve landed once you are “logged in.”      

My influencers: This is the section where you can find all the influencers you will keep if you are interested. It is also where you will create lists to separate them according to the campaign, or as you want. 

Pricing: This is the page where you can find the different plans that Heepsy has.     

Your email with other sections inside that can show your subscription page, etc.      

Step 3. Filter and find influencers according to your needs

As you know, you need to know at least one or two facts about your campaign to perform a search. For instance, the category of the influencer, location, a keyword that you believe influencers may have in their description, or the “handle” of an influencer that you already know in advance. 

how to find find influencers - Heepsy filters

In the search box, you can search for both categories as keywords in the description, and also handles.

Let’s say, that you want to find influencers for a clothing brand who can specifically promote your new shoes.

In this case, your category would be “Fashion”. As soon as you start typing the keyword, the search bar will give you a suggestion (whenever it matches a category). When you click on it, you will be looking at influencers who are classified in the Fashion category, with those who have the word fashion in their handle or right in their description.

how to find find influencers - Filters applied

You want to look for influencers from Madrid, who have between 5,000 and 10,000 followers. Focus on an “engagement” that is between high and very high. With low engagement, the return on sales of the influencer is much less likely than with high engagement.

For this example, you will leave the filters of “Metrics” as they are. If you are interested in narrowing down the search, you can also use them.

You will have the estimated cost of the post that appears by default.

The percentage filter (%) or Branded posts, is relative to the percentage of posts in which there is a mention of or collaboration with brands. This is interesting data to be able to see if they have already worked with brands (or not) and with how many of them.

And finally, you have the filter “Posts per week” which is good to know depending on how active you want the account to be.

There are also “More Filters,”  in which you can filter only influencers with public email. Also, select other social networks where the influencers have a presence or hide accounts marked on Instagram as business accounts.

how to find find influencers -Heepsy profile

TIP: As you use each filter, under the “Apply” button you can see the number of results you will get once the filter is applied. Please note that the more filters you use, the more niche the results are. This means that whenever you do not obtain the desired results, you should try removing filters to get more results.

Step 4. Select the most interesting influencers

In the results, you can see the different influencers in the form of a “card”. There you will find the following information for each one.

At the top, you have the photo, the handle, and part of the biography or the description. This is common to see in their Instagram accounts.

Then you can see the number of followers and engagement, which represents basic but important elements when selecting influencers. You end up at the bottom, where you see several buttons, and where you can qualify the influencer, leave a comment on them, or save them in a list.

Heepsy profile

Clicking on an influencer that you think might be interesting, the advanced profile of the influencer will open. Now is when you can start analyzing the influencer.

Step 5. Analyze the most interesting influencers

Once you find an interesting influencer and you decide to open your profile, you can see varied and more complete information by opening the report.

On the left side, you can find photos of the influencer’s profile, with their likes and comments. On the right side, you have the basic information with a link to the influencer’s Instagram profile.

how to find find influencers - Heepsy Quality score

After the basic information and whenever your plan allows you, you can find the contact information. You must bear in mind that you will not always have the contact information you want.

how to find find influencers -Heepsy follower growth

Now you can see the report of the influencer which offers data about the quality of the influencer’s audience. 

The Quality Score is an assessment that is carried out according to the different indicators you can find. It is recommended that the influencer has a minimum of “Good” in the Quality Score ratio.

The audience location will show you where the audience is from. You can see the percentage for each country so it’s better for you to make decisions.

With audience age, you can see how old the audience of the influencer is. By knowing this fact, you will be confident that the target audience is the same as your brand.

how to find find influencers - Audience age

Audience gender is the distribution of females and males of the influencer’s followers. Depending on your product and your influencer marketing campaign, you might prefer to just focus on one type of audience.

Audience interests will demonstrate the types of activities or accounts that the influencer’s audience follows. If you own a clothing brand, you will like to see interests such as ‘Fashion’ in this graph.

Interest of influencer's audience

With language, you are able to know what type of languages are the most popular for that specific influencer’s followers. If you are planning on launching your campaign in English, you should pick an influencer that has an English-speaking audience.

In the “Follower Growth Rate” (growth rate of followers) you can see a graph that indicates the growth of followers over the last 12 months; in this graph, it is important to not see peaks of very large increases in followers as those can be indicators of having purchased fake followers.

After this metric, you can see “Engagement rate” where you see a graph with the average “Engagement” of other influencers in the same range of followers. The position of the influencer would indicate that it is above the average, below, or equal to the rest, compared with influencers of the same segment of followers. The colors tell you if you have a bad or good “Engagement.”

how to find find influencers comments/likes ratio metric

The Comments/likes ratio indicates the number of comments that the influencer has compared to the number of likes. A good indicator to know if your influencer has active followers.

You can also find the frequency with which you post weekly, and the number of followers you have for each one of the Instagram accounts below.

In Post metrics, you can see the estimated cost if you wanted the influencer to post a photo or video of your product. You can negotiate the price directly with the influencer, but it is very good to have an idea of where to start in the negotiations.

Finally, you have the “Brand mentions” or mentions of other business accounts that the influencer has made in the different posts.

how to find find influencers with Heepsy brand mentions

This information is very important because it tells you if they have been collaborating with your competition. Also if they have collaborated with brands in the same sector. In addition to this, you can also see if those posts where there have been collaborations have had good engagement. This is very important to be able to know know what you can expect from the influencer in his collaboration with your brand.

Step 6. Create a list with the most interesting influencers

The last step to create a list for your campaign with the influencers you are most interested in collaborating with.

Heepsy save lists

On top of each profile, you have an icon where you can create and save a list with influencers.

Once you have several influencers saved in your list, you can go to the “My influencers” section. Here you can see your complete list. See the added metrics (as long as you have all the reports open). As well as download the list in excel with all the information about the influencer.

how to find find influencers - Heepsy lists

TIP: The information you see in the spreadsheet will depend on if the report of each influencer is open or depend on the plan you have chosen. In case your plan has contact information, you will have the contact data that exists for each influencer when you download the list. If you do not have this plan contracted, you will download only the accessible information according to the plan. If you want to know more about how to contact influencers, check this post.

Now you just have to contact all your influencers, hope they accept your offer, and then start sharing your campaign objectives. Have you ever used an influencer marketing platform? Now that you know how to find influencers, Let us know if you have ever made an influencer marketing campaign!

Patricia works in the Growth team at Heepsy. She enjoys helping customers to have a great experience in Heepsy as well as writing content online. When she's not at the office, you can find her reading books or going hiking.
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